Ozzy’s Great Escape

My dog, Ozzy, did this. Ozzy's Great Escape


With his paws and mouth.


Because he is a freakin’ escape artist and fit his body through that tiny ass hole.

We think it was his fear of abandonment that caused this. Keep in mind that Ozzy was a stray who lived out on the streets for who knows how long and was still not use to the fact that he got a new home, new family and did not have to worry about surviving on his own.

My family was at a soccer game one day when I got the phone call from my neighbor. She said she found our new dog out on the street and would keep him until we returned.

There are a few reasons why some dogs are itching to escape. All dog owners should be aware of those reasons to prevent their pooch from running around the real world unsupervised.

This video is a perfect example of how dogs can play Houdini:

  1. Mating Instinct: Male dogs might break free to find a female in heat. It is a natural instinct for dogs to seek out a mate, but their behavior might prove troublesome. To help prevent this, it might be in your favor to spay or neuter your dogs. This can help with prevention, with health and with unwanted litters.
  2. Loneliness: Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety when their humans leave the castle. They fear loneliness or want to escape in order to be reunited with their owners. Some ways to help this are by making sure your dog feels safe with all the essentials at home. Make sure the dog is fed, has distractions such as music from the radio and is given plenty of exercise. Some people have found that buying a companion pet might help the problem. It’s different for every dog, but desensitizing him or her to this behavior is key. Here is a video of a dog who even swims to get out.
  3.  Territorial Instinct: Ever seen a dog go bonkers after seeing a squirrel scamper by? Maybe your dog hates cats with a passion and will do anything to get to them? Some dogs can’t stand when people pass by who are not their owners. These are all signs of a dog’s territorial instinct that can cause them to make a run for it. Help prevent this by keeping a safe yard and house with proper locks, fencing and latches. Also, proper obedience training may help a dog become less nervous or territorial when unfamiliar things invade its territory.
  4. Loud Noises: My dogs are big weenies when it comes to thunderstorms. I don’t blame them though. Some animals try to remove themselves from scary, noisy situations by climbing fences, digging escape routes or launching themselves over a fence from the roof of a doghouse or from a chair. In stressful situations like those, make sure to keep the yard safe by removing all launching platforms and easy access points to the outside world. Make sure your pooch feels safe and has other noises to distract him or her.
  5. Freedom! Some dogs feel an instant rush of freedom and excitement when they escape and run free. They get a chance to sniff around all the plants, pee on all sorts of new things, chase the neighbor’s cat and much more. It’s absolutely overwhelming for a dog who is not used to all that. All I could picture is a dog’s ears flopping in the wind as it is galloping away while yelling, “freedom!” It may be amusing to some dogs, but it can be very dangerous to themselves and others.

Ozzy's hole patched up with sheet metal

This is what my dad had to do to the fence to prevent Ozzy from escaping. He has not been successful since.

Dog’s who escape take on a complete different mindset once their paws are out that door or fence. They may pose a danger to themselves, other dogs, animals and even people. They are also exposed to dangers such as oncoming cars, broken glass, dogcatchers and more.

If you ever find a lost dog or if yours is an escape artist too, the Humane Society is one of your best bets for assistance. You can call your local humane society to pick up a stray dog, to try to find your lost dog, for veterinary advice and for spay and neuter information.

Keep your dog safe from the big bad world by ensuring it is happy, comfortable, stimulated and involved with your life – after all that is YOUR pet.


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