King of the Castle

Meet my dog, Ozzy. I call him my “old man” because he is about 10 years old and very calm compared to my other dog.


We found him when he was a stray living on my street. My family decided to take him in last Thanksgiving weekend so he wouldn’t be stuck out in the rain. It wasn’t long before we all fell in love with him.

My sisters, Ozzy, and I

Ozzy is a border collie, one of the most intelligent breads out there.

When we found him, he was emaciated – think starving Ethiopian child skinny – and had physical signs of abuse. His tail was cut off at some point in his life, not surgically, so he only has half a tail. Ozzy also has a rib that sticks out on his side. It was broken some time down the line and fused back the wrong way. What happened in his past will always be a mystery, but it was my family’s goal to rescue him and give him a better home and a new life.

Dogs get abused or abandoned everyday, but people don’t realize that they can help. My family helped by taking him in. Another way people can help is by calling the Human Society to pick up the dog and take it in to be put up for adoption. Instead of buying a dog from a pet store, anyone can go to their local humane society to adopt a dog who doesn’t have a home. My family has rescued dogs since before I can remember and it has been the most rewarding experience.

Ever since we rescued Ozzy from the streets, he’s been king of the castle.

Things got a little shaken up when we rescued Ringo, our pit bull puppy.

The dogs have been in constant competition of territory and attention from their humans. Of course, Ozzy was not going to let the hyperactive puppy take over the castle.

There have been a few instances when Ozzy has had to put Ringo in his place. He has had to snap at Ringo because the puppy got all up in his grill.

Ozzy and Ringo

My dogs have had no choice but to get along if they were both going to be living under the same roof. Things have calmed down for the most part, but they still have a love-hate relationship.

For some reason, these two always find the need to one-up each other. For instance, when one pees, the other has to pee in the same spot.

We found out that this is true with other things too. So when Ringo decided to leave a Tootsie Roll present on the stairs, guess who had to leave the same present at the bottom of the stairs?

Yup, Ozzy – who has never taken a shit in the house since we took him in – decided that he was not going to let Ringo get all the poop attention. He had the nerve to take a shit at the bottom of the stairs. We knew it was Ozzy because he doesn’t like walking up the stairs and Ringo already emptied out his tank further up. It was his way of saying, “Anything you can do, I can do better.”

Since we got the puppy, my family learned to invest in Resolve Carpet Stain Remover for pet stains. It has become our best friend. Resolve came to the rescue once again after my dad found the presents our dogs left us while we slept. These are the faces we woke up to.Ozzy and Ringo waiting for everyone to wake up.Ozzy and Ringo waiting for everyone to wake up.


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