Wild Thing

My family rescued a 3-month-old puppy over the summer and it has been quite the eventful experience raising him. We named him Ringo after Ringo Starr of the Beatles. There is another dog that lives in my house that we rescued about a year ago and we named him Ozzy after Ozzy Osborne. My family wanted to keep up the rock star name trend so decided on that for the puppy.

I wasn’t fond of his name right off the bat, but the goofy name ended up fitting the puppy’s personality perfectly.

Meet my pit bull puppy, Ringo.


Ringo is a loving, yet mischievous puppy – and mischievous is an understatement. He has caused a lot of havoc at my house while trying to get along with Ozzy, who was used to being the king of the castle.

When we first got him, we quickly discovered how clumsy he is and how much he enjoys rolling and sliding around all the time. Thank God my dad just retired and the family was on summer vacation, because that dog needed to be regulated all the time.

For over a month, every time the dogs were left alone at home for any length of time, we would come home to the trash from the trashcan all over the floor, holes dug up in the back yard or sandals stolen.

But it’s hard to stay mad at him too long because it’s difficult to resist this face?

Despite all of his mishaps, Ringo has gone through a lot of scoldings, has learning a lot of lessons and has fallen deeper and deeper in love with his new family.

One misconception most people have about my new puppy is that he is going to be too wild, a fighter, or a danger to society because pit bulls have such a bad reputation on the streets caused by bad breeders and negative attention by the media. These dogs have been used and trained as fighting dogs that kill for money and sport.

Animal cruelty like this should never be allowed and does not have to be the cause of the downfall of an amazing dog breed. Puppies are just like babies. If you teach a baby early on how to fight and be evil, then they will turn into the devil’s spawn. The same goes with pit bull puppies. If you train them to be fighters, they will be killers, but if you train them the right way, they can be the biggest lovers you’ve ever seen.

Because of these false and negative preconceptions about pit bulls, hundreds of these animals are abandoned, abused, or found dead every day across the country.

It is smart for people of all ages to get educated in the realities and facts about pit bulls and how we can all educate ourselves and others in the prevention of animal abuse.  There are a ton of resources out there, such as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) – the first and largest humane society in the world.

The ASPCA has great links, articles and legal resources that can help educate the public and provide a way for everyone to help prevent animal abuse. Check out their website for more information and a deeper look into pit bull cruelty and preventative measures.



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